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Michael Kuntz, Tuba

Michael Kuntz, tuba

Michael Kuntz enjoyed a diverse Midwest musical upbringing, with Mom providing the classical music training, and Dad the Elvis records. In high school, he and his family once attended a PDQ Bach concert; that day was a great experience, but Michael never imagined that it was part of a journey whereby many years later, he would sub in an orchestra to be on stage with PDQ’s (in)famous Dr. Schickele. Thanks Mom & Dad! Michael attended the University of Illinois to study computer science, but also played in symphonic bands under Dr. Harry Begian / James Curnow, and marched in the Rose Parade with the Marching Illini under Gary Smith. In 1984, Michael’s family moved to California, where he learned engineering, business, and music at San Jose State University. Two favorite classes were Symphonic Band with Dr. Vernon Read, and Physics of Music…despite being “often neglected” by teacher Dr. Brian Holmes (his words).

Michael played tuba at Great America for five years: 1986 in pinstripe vests with the Dixie Swing Kings, and the next four years dancing in a patchwork quilt tuxedo with the Kings of Komedy, playing big band charts and making people laugh. His brass chamber music roots began with the Forte Brass Quintet and Classical Brass Ensemble; Michael attended the Brass Chamber Music Workshop at Humboldt State, meeting friends who asked him to join Brass Act Brass Quintet in 1992, where he remains a member to this day. He is also a long-standing player in The Brassworks Band.

Outside the brass chamber music world, Michael has also performed with Symphony Silicon Valley, the Churchill Street Jazz Band, the San Luis Obispo / Santa Cruz / Santa Rosa Symphonies, the San Francisco 49ers Band, the Green Street Mortuary Band, and too many other groups to mention. He has been an accountant for Adobe Systems since 1996, continues to play bass in a rock band, and arranges music when time permits.

Michael started subbing in the Menlo Brass Quintet in June 2002, and joined MBQ as a permanent member in January 2016.



Celebrate with the Marching Illini The Marching Illini 1983 Sousaphone in 18-member section


C tuba - B&S Sanders 5-valve 4-quarter
Mouthpiece - Miraphone TU29

F tuba - Miraphone 181-6U 6-valve
Mouthpiece - Perantucci 19



Dan Hallock, trumpets
Mike Pakaluk, trumpets
Brian Holmes, horn
Barbara Sigler, trombone
Michael Kuntz, tuba


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