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>> Comments about "A Simpler Life" CD

"It was so wonderful working with you on Abrams/Miller wedding! Thank you for all of the attention to detail you put into each song. I hope that we can work together in the future!"

Melanie and the Glow Team (Melanie Zelnick, Glow Event Design)   8/5/2017

"Thanks so much to you and your fellow players — it was an outstanding performance, every piece! I have heard from so many people regarding how much they enjoyed hearing your music and also your introductions of each piece.
      Thank you again - I hope to be able to find another occasion on which to have you all play."

Jane Hartman   8/27/2016

"Thanks again for your wonderful performance yesterday.  It was a terrific evening and your performance made the evening!"

Doug Scrivner   8/22/2016

"I've received so many comments from residents since your performance — all in praise and appreciation. Thanks for providing us a wonderful evening!"

Onnolee Trapp, The Sequoias Entertainment Committee   4/1/2016    CONCERT PROGRAM

"Thank you so much for your musical contribution to the New Choir's concerts! Merry Christmas to you!"

Eileen Chang, Artistic Director of the New Choir  12/20/2015

"Last night's concert was memorable. [We] enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for all the effort that went into it."

D. Fujimoto, concertgoer   12/5/2015    CONCERT PROGRAM

"With many thanks to the quintet it was a fabulous evening of wonderful music. Likewise, many people expressed to me their appreciation of the event. I believe everyone went home with feelings of joy and blessing, and were very glad they came."

Shirley Garner, President, Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary, Sunnyvale-Mtn View Corps   12/4/2015    CONCERT PROGRAM

"I didn't have a chance to thank all of you personally but I do want each of you to know how much our family appreciated the wonderful – and fitting – job you did playing the kind of music that Reg loved at his memorial service. I heard over and over again from people who were there how great 'the band' was. As you know, there were 'ears' in the audience who knew the difference between good and superlative, too!
     I must confess that early in our marriage, I didn't fully appreciate the bands and the music that I was able to hear when Reg took me on his recording adventures, and this taste had to be acquired. One evening when we stood outside Whitehall listening to a rehearsal for the Queen's Birthday Parade, I finally 'got it' hearing the sound of 'Amazing Grace' shimmering off the walls. (If only I had a do-over for the ones that came before!) I loved listening to your quintet playing that hymn but was also glad when Ben asked you to play "the short one" and I heard the lovely arrangement of 'The Old Rugged Cross.' Beautiful!
     Thank you for all the thought, rehearsal and effort that went into the music you played at the memorial service, and if you have a mailing list for concerts, etc., please add the name of your newest groupie."

Janet McGovern, regarding memorial service for Reg McGovern   8/26/2015

"...On behalf of Reg's family, thank you for the beautiful performance of music that he loved. A tribute to his life as a music producer would not have been "right" without a brass group to strike the "right" notes :). Thank you!"

Janet McGovern, regarding memorial service for Reg McGovern   8/21/2015

"...We had a wonderful time not only collaborating with the Menlo Brass Quintet but also listening to you playing favorite Christmas carols! It was a delighting experience! Thanks you so much for making our concert more wonderful! Looking forward to having you again in the future!"

Eileen Chang, Artistic Director of the New Choir   12/30/2014

"Many thanks for an outstanding concert on Friday. The program selections were right on target for our Seniors audience. Had several comments regarding your program as being the "Best Ever" for our group and Marge and I agree wholeheartedly! The commentary between numbers really adds to the whole experience"

Jim Hodel, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church  11/4/2011    CONCERT PROGRAM

"The music for Easter Sunday was nothing short of sensational. Please convey my gratitude to the Menlo Brass for the awesome contribution they made to the success of the service."

Roger Dills, Parishioner, Church of the Epiphany  4/24/2011

"Thanks so much for your contribution to our worship each year. ... I loved the music this year."

Cortlandt Bender, Director of Music Ministries, Church of the Epiphany  4/24/2011

"Thank you so much for a great evening – the residents really enjoyed the night."

Sandi Ryan, Program Director, The Forum at Rancho San Antonio  1/29/2011    CONCERT PROGRAM

"I think that everyone who came really enjoyed the concert – the music as well as the remarks made about the pieces that you played. It was a great evening! Thanks so much!"

Onnolee Trapp, The Sequoias Entertainment Committee  11/12/2010    CONCERT PROGRAM

"Everyone enjoyed the quintet immensely so thanks for your preparation – especially on my two tunes. Thank you for helping to make it a wonderful celebration!"

Roger Summit, trombone player and music arranger  10/20/2010

"A big thank you for making the wedding SPECTACULAR! We really appreciated you working out the details ... between you and the photographer we had a precise timeline that made sure everything ran on time ...
     Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the music. You added to the atmosphere. It was very appropriate as that was how the kids had met. Personally, I remember singing along to your music during the photographs following the cerremony. I can't wait to see the video to hear it all over again.
     We are still smiling from the whole event."

Katie Graham, Mother of the Bride  8/7/2010

"It was a real pleasure talking with you and listening to you at Stanford's Baccalaureate and Commencement last weekend. The music was just spectacular."

Todd Yozuriha, Director of Evergreen Public Schools, Vancouver, Washington (and parent of a Stanford graduate)

"Thanks so much for the wonderful concert on Friday evening! We certainly want you to return."

Onnolee Trapp, Program Coordinator, Entertainment Committee, The Sequoias - Portola Valley 10/26/08

"The Menlo Brass did themselves proud. All the reviews have been great. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening. I am telling everyone here at the Sequoias to plan to come ... when you are here."

Norm Phillips, MPPC 10/6/08   CONCERT PROGRAM

"Just a brief message to thank you and the ‘Brass’ for a fine program last night!"

Jim Hodel, MPPC 10/4/08   CONCERT PROGRAM

"Thank you for a wonderful show on Sunday. It was a real pleasure performing with you — our audience loved it."

Chuck Leavitt, Voices in Harmony 12/18/07

"Your last Sunday concert was the first that I have attended. My wife and I very much enjoyed it. I am a brass player/music educator/performer and I was very impressed. I intend on informing my students of your performances."

Michael Carder 11/11/07 (after attending concert on 10/28/07)   CONCERT PROGRAM

"Thanks so much for ‘hosting’ us at your brass rehearsal. We really, really enjoyed ourselves. The music was terrific, and the company superb! ... We‘re very appreciative of your efforts. You are a truly talented bunch. We‘ll be in touch!"

Nikki Murgo and Larry Quinto, future bride and groom  1/26/07

"It's hard to come down from the high of the Belmont concert... Thank you for making our final concert extraordinary! What a sound, handbells and brass! What great songs to ring with your wonderful sound coming through clear to the back row where I was ringing."

Paulette McFarlin, Area XII Secretary, American Guild of English Handbell Ringers  7/10/06

"Thank you so much for bringing the quintet to play for my husband's memorial service. How he would have loved it! Thank you for contributing to the beauty of the occasion."

Mrs. Gerry Kehm  1/24/06

“Ken and I were really pleased with how everything turned out at the wedding--thanks so much for your enthusiasm and flexibility throughout!  I should also add that we had many compliments on your music from other guests as well. ... Thanks so much for everything – we couldn’t have been happier with your role in our wedding!”

Jane and Ken Fortson, Bride and Groom  7/8/05

"Thanks for a great service on Sunday.  It was wonderful to have the Menlo Brass with us and exciting to hear them play."

Jayne Bell, Director of Worship Ministries, First Baptist Church of Los Altos  7/5/05

"How splendid to talk with you about Sarah and Keith’s sunset-in-SF wedding on Oct 30. Your music was an essential,elegant part of it. Forever thanks for your glorious music ... and cheers for your professionalism and artistry."

Linda Hawes Clever, MD, MACP, Mother of the Bride   12/20/04

"Fantastic, Superb, Fabulous are just some of the thoughts and compliments we send and our guests echoed. We do so appreciate your wonderful talents and the choice of songs was great. Molly and Matt were so thrilled with your music and said you guys were the best!!! She never stopped smiling all evening. Your tone set the stage for an elegant but fun wedding reception.
     Thank you again for allowing Molly to bring me to your rehearsal. I managed to not cry much on the wedding day but cried when watching the video on Sunday... Just as wonderful seeing and hearing you the second time."

Sally Considine, Mother of the Bride   7/26/04

"I wanted to thank your group for doing such a great job at our wedding on the 29th [of May]! I thought the quintet complemented the venue and the festivities perfectly! Thanks for making it work - and so wonderfully!!   :) "

Stephnee Greenwood Leathers, Bride   6/7/04

"Thanks so much for letting Matt and I sit in on your rehearsal and for playing various selections for our wedding. We not only appreciate the help in choosing our songs, but felt like we had the front row seats to our own private concert! What a treat! We really can't thank you enough. I am thrilled you guys are playing for us at our wedding and my parents can't wait to hear you in person. Thanks again for a wonderful evening!"

Molly Considine, Bride-to-Be  5/12/2004

That was a great concert.  Everyone sounded good and you played with power and beautiful tone.  The information given before each piece was interesting too. I think that my son [7th grade trumpeter] would find it inspiring to hear."

Tom Cooper, Concertgoer, Email list signup (and trumpet player)   2/10/04    CONCERT PROGRAM

“Wonderful Menlo Brass Quintet  --  I enjoyed your concert very much.  I appreciated the detailed introductions (great for those who are enthusiastic but not too familiar with each composer) and the wide range of eras represented. I just wished the concert went on longer...  Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to your next public concert."

Caroline Beverstock, Concertgoer, Email list signup  2/10/04    CONCERT PROGRAM

“Tonight's concert was excellent.  I enjoyed, and felt, every beautiful note. The percussionist brought a delightful dimension. I've bookmarked the website and look forward to attending future concerts. Thank you for a wonderful musical experience."

James Ley, West Menlo Park, Concertgoer, Email list signup   2/8/04    CONCERT PROGRAM

“The music was as lovely as always. It's always a treat to have you play as part of our Sunday worship service. We look forward to the next time."

Elizabeth Wolf, member of the Choir, First Congregational Church of Palo Alto   12/21/03

"I finally got a chance to hear the whole CD and it's grand! That is a tight little group and it's in tune. Everybody sounds technically and musically proficient, and the balance is perfect. Whoever recorded youse-all knew what's up. It is a nice comprehensive program too...shows what can be done. A grand present for me! If only every student I had was so good!"

John Kolarik, Barb Sigler's former high school brass ensemble teacher  12/18/03

"You're a fantastic group, and I'm looking forward to your next couple of concerts."

Mike Davis, Fan 11/30/03

"Thank you for a job well done. You were a pleasure to work with and the music was awesome! I will be highly recommending you to my clients."

Robbin Montero, Wedding Consultant and Coordinator  10/6/03

“I still play your CD all during my drive time — love it!!!”

Jane Hartman (mother of the bride) 5/2/03

“I never got around to telling you how much Lynn and I loved your MBQ album "A Simpler Life". Great programming, performances and recording! I have a moderate collection of brass quintet recordings and this one is definitely one of my favorites. Jack Gale [arranger of "Tonight" and "Summertime" from the CD] actually played in my brass quintet in NY when he was writing the West Side Story and Porgy & Bess arrangements. He was ... always fun to work with the few times we were able to get him for jobs. I have copies of his manuscript that he gave it was extra cool for me to hear them on your recording. Lipton's writing and playing are both very interesting and enjoyable... everyone else was great — Dan, Barbara, Ron & Sam — you really did a great job on this."

Fred Urrutia (former professional tuba player in a brass quintet in New York City; founding member and former baritone saxophone in Full Spectrum Jazz big band) 1/17/03

That CD of yours is spectacular! This is work of the highest calibre, and a fabulously clean recording job. "

Ed Brink, piano recording artist  1/7/03

"Thanks to you and the rest of the group for helping to make our daughter’s day so perfect."

Tom and Patricia Sanders, parents of the bride  11/26/02

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Menlo Brass Quintet CD. Herb plays trumpet, so can appreciate the excellent tone and precision. You all are to be congratulated and we hope this CD will be a fine success."

Barbara and Herb Lauterwasser (Laconia, New Hampshire) 1/6/03

"Fantastic group!  I try to attend all their public concerts."

Mike Davis, Email list signup  12/27/02

"REALLY enjoyed hearing the Menlo Brass the other night. You guys were terrific! I really appreciated hearing you do such a fantastic job on my arrangement. Thanks again for a great and enjoyable evening on the 16th."

Dave Adams, Palo Alto Unified School District Music Education  11/26/02   CONCERT PROGRAM

"Sheri and I had the most wonderful reception any two people could possibly have, at a four-star restaurant, Chantilly.  We had a carefully planned, elegant atmosphere that reflected the importance of our marriage and sent a message to everyone how much it mattered to us both.  The Menlo Brass Quintet performed the perfect music to create just the right background for an upscale, high class reception.  We could not have been happier with any other form of music."

Kevin and Sheri Osborne  11/25/02

"As soon as I got your CD I meant to write you and tell you how nice it looks, and later, how nice it sounds. You all did a great job. It looks so nice. I enjoyed the pieces very much. It was nice to hear the quintet play the other pieces, and I’m am very grateful for your inclusion of my piece."

Warner Jepson, Composer  11/22/02   CONCERT PROGRAM

"Congratulations to you and the whole group on the great new CD!  It's just beautifully put together in every respect!   I really liked the musical way you played my "2 for 5," and the other selections were equally well done. Thank you for including my work on your fine release."

Dr. Sondra Clark, Composer  11/6/02

"For years, when I've needed excellent brass support, I look to the Menlo Brass Quintet. Whether playing for Stanford University's annual commencement or for the inauguration of a new president, the Menlo Brass Quintet can be counted on for outstanding musicianship."

Jim Nadel, Lecturer, Stanford Music Dept., Director, Stanford Jazz Workshop  9/23/02

"We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful world premiere of "Tribute to the Ancients" (at the Centennial Celebration of the Sempervirens). It was indeed a very appropriate tribute to the individuals who had the foresight to start an organization to save ancient trees and preserve them for generations to come. The brass quintet sounded so well in the outdoor venue. Everyone enjoyed it very much, and it added so much to the overall festiveness of the day."

Brian Steen, Executive Director, Sempervirens Fund, 6/5/00

"I thought it was wonderful! You have a marvelous group. Thanks again for adding so much to the luncheon."

Allison Herd, Director, Human Relations Department, Cardiac Pathways Corporation, 12/17/99

"Thank you from all of us here at The Sequoias in attendance or listening and watching over our in-house TV, for your excellent program. It was a real pleasure to have you with us."

Dotty Kennedy, Chairman, Music at Four, Portola Valley Sequoias 11/3/98

"Thank you for the wonderful music you performed for our wedding. We thoroughly enjoyed it on the day and will continue to do so whenever we watch the video."

Nathan and Julie Cunningham, 7/12/97

"Thank you for making this wedding extra special."

Kyle Kashima, brother of the bride, 7/4/97

“Thank you so much for making our ceremony so special — we really appreciate all of your talent and cooperation.”

Jennifer Carsillo and Michael Butterman, 5/24/97

“How wonderful it was to see you again two Sundays ago and to hear your splendid music-making! As you might imagine, your performance served as a potent ministry to all who were there. I’m sure, based on various comments, that many people left that morning strengthened in the name of the Lord. Also, you left us looking forward to your next visit. It seems we can’t get enough of the Menlo Brass!”

Randy Hawkins, Minister of Music and Rev. Rick Line, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Menlo Park, 12/16/96

“If I had ANY IDEA how WONDERFUL your fine ensemble sounded, we most certainly would have had more of your music at the May 27 Memorial Service at the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. I hope for a happier occasion in the future whereby we could have the pleasure — BLESSING! — of hearing you and your fellow musicians. All the family and friends join me in sending to you all our genuine gratitude for a fine uplifting inspirational performance.”

Bettie Hurd, 7/4/96

“Thank you very much for participating in our Christmas Eve service. The music was wonderful and really helped to provide an atmosphere of worship. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!”

Derek Wood – Vineyard Christian Fellowship of the Peninsula, 1/11/95

 "Menlo Brass Quintet – You are terrific!"

Michele Miland-Larsen (bride), 8/15/92

"Many thanks for the beautiful music and magnificent performance during our wedding ceremony. Everyone commented how beautiful the group sounded."

Vern and Maria Holme, 12/9/90

"Thank you very much for your performance at the Art and Wine Festival. We have received many positive comments from members of the city and chamber of commerce as well as the friends who enjoyed the music. We will be in touch with you for future concerts whenever possible."

Mary Bender, Community School of Music and Arts Director, 9/16/86

"With major and minor juxtaposed in so Russian a way, Ewald’s work (Quintet No. 1, Op. 5) well expressed the occasion’s mixed sentiments. The quintet played fluently, with better tone production in louder passages."

Michael Andrews – The Peninsula Times Tribune, 5/12/86

"Thank you sincerely for taking time from your Easter morning to play at Stanford Memorial Church and add a brilliant touch to our worship. Let’s make music together again some time!"

Gregory Wait, Choir Director, Stanford Memorial Church, 4/14/85

"Thank you very much for playing at our wedding — you all play so well together and have a beautiful sound."

Colleen Dun and Steve Hall, 4/28/84

"I want to personally thank you and the other members of the quintet for your participation in our holiday program. Your playing was in tune, excellent and artistically exciting. It was a satisfying musical experience. I wish you the best and look forward to working with you in the future."

Robert A. Geary, Music Director, Baroque Choral Guild, 2/7/84

"Your participation helped make this one of our most memorable annual conventions. We are truly grateful for your part in our fine experience. Heard many comments about the quality of the music of the Menlo Brass Quintet! Thanks again!"

Robert D. Rasmussen, Executive Minister, and Dayle H. Scott, Staff Liaison, Program Committee, American Baptist Churches of the West, 11/8/83

“The Brass Quintet sounded impressive in the Quintet No. 3 by Ewald, a modern work which made good use of the various instrumental timbres. Suppe's ‘Poet and Peasant Overture’ pleased the audience most.”

Angela M. Owen – The Peninsula Times Tribune, 10/24/83



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