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Performance Planning

Your Part:

bullet Decide on the date, time, and duration.
When, and for how long, will you want the Quintet to provide music?
bullet Choose a playlist.
Choose from our extensive library, or allow us to select pieces that have proven popularity with audiences. You may decide to attend a rehearsal, where the Quintet can preview pieces for your approval.
bullet Let us know details of the location and equipment needed.
Will the event be held indoors or outdoors?
Will chairs be provided?
Will music stands, lights, or extension cords be necessary?
bullet Specify suitable dress for the occasion.
The Quintet members will be happy to appear in formal wear, business attire, or casual clothes.
bullet Execute a contract with the Quintet.
If you like, you can print out and complete a formal contract with the Menlo Brass Quintet using this generic blank contract (PDF).

The Menlo Brass Quintet's Part:
bullet Give you every assistance in choosing pleasing and appropriate music.
bullet Provide the finest musical accompaniment to your special occasion.

Group "Footprint"
bullet The Quintet requires an area approximately 20 feet wide by 15 feet deep. photo

Performance Needs
bullet The Quintet will need five armless chairs. They will bring music stands, and stand lights if needed.
bullet The group requires a 15-minute break out of each hour.
bullet For outdoor performances without cover, please provide an alternate location in case of inclement weather.


Contact the Menlo Brass Quintet

For concert information and bookings, please contact Dan Hallock:

  • Telephone
    • (650) 364-8413
  • Postal address
    • 927 Third Avenue
      Redwood City, California  94063-4004  U.S.A.

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