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Premieres of Original Music

The Menlo Brass Quintet has premiered a number of original compositions, many written especially for our group. The list below includes pieces that have been publicly premiered by the Menlo Brass. The quintet is continuing to develop music, working closely with a number of composers to present exciting new works in their finest form.

Composer Title
5/12/2007 Alrich, Alexis Blue Gum Grove
10/27/2001 Ballard, Christopher Brass Quintet
    I. Andante
    II. Molto Andante
    III. Presto
4/21/2007 Bartholemew, Greg Voyageur Suite
    I. Quand J'étais Chez Mon Père, 
    II. Le Retour du Mari Soldat, La Bergère Muette
Contiguous U.S. Premiere
Download ♫Voyageur Suite MP3 (9.5 MB)
10/27/2001 Beeman, John Escapade for Brass Quintet
5/7/2006 Blakelock, John Tribute to Johannes Brahms
World Premier Program Notes
Download ♫Tribute to Johannes Brahms MP3 (6.7 MB)
10/27/2001 Byers, Rosemary Barrett It's About Time!
    I. Downtime
    II. Time and Again
    III. Stop Time
    IV. Maytime
    V. Time's Up! [coda]
10/27/2001 Clark, Sondra Two for Five for Brass Quintet
    I. Allegretto
    II. 3+3+4
10/27/2001 Cotton, I'lana Speed Trap Blues
    I. Fast Curves
    II. Slow Cruisin'
    III. Roadrunner
4/28/2002 Dedrick, Christopher A Simpler Life
    I. Mist Rising Mountain
    II. Spring Hymn
    III. Carnival of Waking Dreams
5/20/2000 Deussen, Nancy Bloomer Tribute to the Ancients
6/9/1991 Garriguenc, Pierre Quintet for Brass Instruments, Op. 38
10/27/2001 Gellis, Herb Mojave
    I. Intrada
    II. Desert Canyon
    III. Morning March
    IV. Condor Soaring
[Movements 1 and 4 first performed 10/27/01; entire piece premiered 4/28/02]
3/17/1985 Hicks, Michael Prolepsis
10/27/2001 Jepson, Warner Eight Trifles for Brass Quintet
    I. Gov't Guys
    II. I Never Thought I Would Lose You
    III. Christmas Pleasant
    IV. Money Mad
    V. Not Much Doin'
    VI. My Wife is in Love with a Tree
    VII. Penance
    VIII. Truckle Boogie
4/21/2007 Lipton, Bob After Hours
5/4/1997 Lipton, Bob Anti Anti (Antiphonal)
5/4/1997 Lipton, Bob Chicken
4/1/1995 Lipton, Bob EGA for Brass
11/2/1997 Lipton, Bob The Lost Song
5/4/1997 Lipton, Bob Watching the River Run    [arrangement of traditional folk song]
4/29/1990 Ludtke, William Two Movements for Brass Quintet, Op. 89
3/17/1985 Lynch, Timothy Menlo Fantasy
6/30/1984 Lynch, Timothy Wedding Music
3/6/2005 Nash, Gary Powell Romantic Prelude and Processional
12/4/1990 Reynolds, C. Winton III Christmas Variations
7/3/2005 Smith, Dan Bar-B-Que Suite
5/12/2007 Wreede, Katrina Arrival #1 for Brass Quintet



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